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Udi Manber Headed to Google


They say history repeats itself. This is certainly one of those times as Google has once again hired an expert in search away from the competition. This time, Google has tapped Udi Manber for the position of Vice President of Engineering. Until now, Manber had served as the CEO of the A9 search engine subsidiary.

Amazon launched A9, a highly personalizable search engine, in early 2004 in an effort to compete with the likes of top market competitors Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The success of the A9 project has been marginal and is currently only the 29th most popular search engine according to the most recently published report by Nielsen Net Ratings.

The move to hire Manber coincides with a beta-test effort by Amazon to compete in the highly lucrative content advertising market which Google's AdSense program currently dominates.

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