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Sample Search Engine Optimization Program

We understand that not every website has the same characteristics and/or marketing needs. In some cases, a templated search engine optimization program, such as the one outlined below, may not be the most beneficial to the business a website supports. This is why First Listings offers access to an optimization expert through a consulting model that lends itself well to custom combinations of products and services to meet a client's exact needs.

Optimization Program Includes:

  • Keyword Analysis:
    Advanced research into keyword search frequency, keyword demographics, and ranking competitiveness. We work with you to identify the terms most likely to yield a high volume of highly targeted traffic from the search engines to your website.

  • Theme Analysis:
    Site analysis provided to help identify the focus of your site as a whole and on a page-by-page level. Optimization campaign processes, goals, and action steps are based on the findings of this research. Findings are also used to determine the target demographics, search engines, keywords, and markets in order to maximize the return of the search engine optimization campaign.

  • Competitive Market Analysis:
    Analysis of several top online competitors, including a breakdown of their search engine marketing performance with respect to your own efforts. Reports are used to provide valuable insight into the online market in which your business operates and also to determine what techniques can be employed to achieve results and surpass these competitors in overall search engine visibility and online presence.

  • Text Optimization:
    Existing site copy is reviewed and "optimized" based on the most current effective methods for achieving top search engine rankings for targeted keywords. Copy changes are usually made to improve the general effect of the site and are ALWAYS approved by you, the client, before they are made to the live website.

  • Code Optimization:
    Existing site code is "optimized" based on the most current effective methods for achieving top search engine rankings for targeted keywords. Areas of code that may be revised include but are not limited to page titles, meta tags, linking structure, image alt tags, link titles, and other attributes that cause minimal visual impact to the existing site.

  • W3C Code Validation:
    Existing site code is validated to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validation standards.

  • Section 508 Compliance:
    Existing site code is validated to comply with the US Government's Section 508 regulations and accessibility standards.

  • Implementation of Robots.txt:
    Validated, custom, and complete robots.txt file is created and uploaded to your server in order to provide search engine spiders appropriate access to the contents of your website.

  • Search Engine Submission:
    Where necessary, pages of the optimized site are submitted for inclusion to the primary US and international search engines. These submissions do not include pay-for-inclusion engines or similar "PFI" programs.

  • Directory Submissions:
    Optimized site is submitted the the most popular and influential internet directories. Such submission includes research into the most proper category, listing title, description, and landing page in order to maximize the value of each directory referral. These submissions do not include paid inclusion fees.

  • Link Popularity Campaign Management:
    A campaign to increase the number of inbound links from reputable sites of related content is managed on a month-to-month basis. As candidates for inbound links are identified, we will manage the entire link popularity campaign by researching, requesting, adding, and receiving link requests as necessary.

  • Monthly Re-Optimization / Maintenance:
    Ongoing keyword research and site optimization updates are completed with the purpose of maintaining and improving existing search engine rankings.

  • Account Status Reports:
    View status of the current search engine optimization program. This report, available online 24/7, acts as a portal to additional campaign management tools and reports.

  • Keyword Ranking Reports:
    Provides detailed analysis of search engine rankings on a keyword-by-keyword and page-by-page basis. Monthly updates provide trend analysis to keep track of improvements and declines in campaign success.

  • Traffic Analysis Reports:
    Provides detailed analysis of site traffic patterns, referral sources, and visitor usage.

Optional "Add-On" Services:

  • Yahoo Directory Submission:
    Your site's URL and profile is submitted the Yahoo! searchable directory. Includes a detailed review of Yahoo! submission Terms of Service to be sure your site meets submission requirements, in-depth category research to get site included in the most appropriate category, submission fees, and professional title and description copyrighting in order to maximize the "clickthrough appeal" of your site's listing.
    Cost: Starting at $399/year

  • Pay-For-Inclusion Search Engine Submissions:
    Submit your site for guaranteed inclusion in Yahoo, AltaVista , AllTheWeb, Overture and more.
    Cost: Starting at $29/year

  • ROI Calculator:
    Calculate the return on your investment and estimated cost per click resulting from the ongoing search engine optimization program.
    Cost: $249/month

Before you sign a long-term contract or write any checks, take advantage of full access to one of First Listings' optimization experts who will carefully guide you in selecting the most appropriate search engine marketing program for your company's needs. This free, no obligation consultation allows our staff to best assist you in selecting from a number of search engine optimization service offerings.

In Summary...

This sample search engine optimization program includes the following professional-level services:

• Keyword Research
• Text and Code Optimization
• Competitive Market Analysis
• Theme Analysis
• Targeted Link Building
• Traffic Analysis Reporting
• Ranking Reporting
• Monthly Optimization

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