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Massachusetts Bay Constables Association

A large difficulty for any small business with dreams of organized growth, web site development and maintenance was a growing concern for a regulated agency like the Massachusetts Bay Constables Association. With hundreds of members scattered throughout an entire state, delegating responsibilities for web site maintenance and business opportunities was next to impossible.

As a nonprofit organization, the MBCA needed to create a large scale web site that was marketing to their potential consumers, and created at a price that would deliver an immediate and significant return on investment.

Today, the Massachusetts Bay Constables Association enjoys a thriving web presence with phenomenal success. In virtually every way, targeted users of this site are exposed to search engine listings and promotions featuring the MBCA organization. Over the course of past six months, the MBCA web site has accumulated more than 25,000 visitors who have viewed more than 80,000 pages on the web site. For a regionally exclusive web site, First Listings stands proud next to the successful growth of this organization.


With an organized leader in President Richard Ramponi, the Massachusetts Bay Constables Association compiled a wish list of qualities for their web site. When the MBCA first approached First Listings, we were give then following needs:

  • Secure server platform to handle private data
  • Web based access used by hundreds of members
  • Searchable directory of members and offered services
  • Clean and professional web site design
  • Integrated Search Engine Marketing
  • Monthly Site Management and Maintenance
  • Affordable Pricing Plans for a Non Profit Organization


Though challenged by a list of specific deliverables from the MBCA, First Listings has provided amazing results and came in under budget for three consecutive years of service. While the web site has obtained more visitors and search engine referrals over time, First Listings makes action-oriented recommendations to the organization each month -- and has some great plans for future site development in 2004.

Case Study, the partnership between First Listings and the Ski Italy vacation operators strengthens as First Listings assists in the development of marketing campaigns in leading publications throughout New England.

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